18 May 2021

So, I used your site 16 years ago - I loved meeting people as I was going through a lonely phase at 24 - most of my friends were hitched (or in the process of getting hitched) and I was excluded from a couples' dinner event which broke my heart and I decided to find new single friends on your site.

** Side note: I was incredibly eccentric for the time period and I struggled to meet people because of it. I still am eccentric but I fit in easily now with the new world we live in.

Needless to say I was contacted by many men (and some open-minded couples because apparently my eccentricity led to that conclusion) but your site gave me the perfect opportunity to screen some interesting characters - I am still friends with some people I met all those years ago which has been really awesome to know that this offered some really positive experiences for the long run. However, I think the most incredible thing is that I met my partner ... we met as friends, had many similarities and differences and within a year started dating and it's been 16 years that we have been together. Yeah, there have been ups and downs but man alive, it's great that we had an opportunity to meet on this platform because we may never have met otherwise. We met because we had both been to a concert and were basically sitting within feet of each other so we started speaking about the irony of that ... and when we started speaking more it turned out that we were working in the same road as each other and going to the same places to eat lunch and yet we never actually MET ... we both went to gigs - he is a drummer, and I am a music nut, and still, we never really locked eyes. So yeah ... it's pretty cool when you break it down, and just wanted to thank you for the platform that helped me find him :)